Japan & The Global Crisis – 2.6.2009

Japan & The Global Crisis – to what extent was Japan affected by the crisis, implications and opportunities arising as a result of it. Does this crisis symbolize the return of Japan Inc to the spot light? How do Japanese companies treat this crisis and react to it on the domestic and global arenas?

The Trading Houses Roles & Business Models – 19.7.2009

For many years the Trading Houses were the drivers of the Japanese industry. Globalization, the Internet and ease of international trading demanded a change in their operation and business models, taking advantage of their global presence and sourcing capabilities. The seminar will review the business models and types of products, technologies and services the Trading Houses seek in the Israeli market. 

Doing Business in Japan – 3.9.2009

A lot has been said, written and done about the Japanese market, but why is it still considered complicated for many people? The seminar will try to shade some light on the important “does and don’ts” of doing business in Japan – providing practical tools how to achieve better communication, understanding and most importantly reaching results from the cultural and business aspects. 

Negotiation strategies & expanding your business – יפורסם בקרוב!

Is negotiating with a Japanese company truly a complicated process? What is Honne, Tatemae? Nemawashi? Ringi? How to achieve a true win-win agreement? 
For many companies signing an agreement with a Japanese company, it seems as if the main goal was reached. In practice, however, the real work only starts. How to truly leverage one’s activities and achieve meaningful success?

Brand Recognition – יפורסם בקרוב!

Companies, and not only products, should be branded in order to be properly recognized and dealt with. In the seminar we shall discuss the most important aspects of how to make your partners and colleagues your strongest advocates.

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