Life Science


HIH assisted Century Medical Inc. (CMI) and Brainsway in establishing a marketing and distribution agreement, and managed the process until completion.

Century Medical Inc. (CMI) is a partner of HIH and a leading Japanese company from the ITOCHU Group, specializing in the import and distribution of medical devices and equipment in Japan. CMI has been a pioneering force successfully introducing many new technologies to the Japanese healthcare community.

Brainsway Ltd. is dedicated to the development and marketing of Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimluation) systems, novel, noninvasive medical device for treatment of a wide range of neurological and psychopathological disorders.


HIH assisted Century Medical Inc. (CMI) and HeadSense Medical in establishing a marketing and distribution agreement, and managed the process until completion.

HeadSense Medical Ltd. is develops disruptive products that will allow physicians and patients to diagnose and monitor clinical parameters in an easier and cost-effective way. HeadSense’s first product the HS-1000 is a non-invasive ICP monitor offering accurate and continuous ICP monitoring.


Impliant produces novel cushion-bearing materials and engineering combine to create long-lasting orthopedic implants for the hip, knee, shoulder, and spine. 
HIH assisted Impliant in undergoing the regulatory process in Japan and its regulatory classification.
bioview BioView delivers cell imaging technology platform and software package that combines morphological, immuno-staining and FISH information on the same cell, enabling physicians and researches to efficiently and efficiantly improve the quality of patient treatment and care.
Based on a comprehansive market research , and followed by a strategic approch to relevant players (medical devices companeis, research labs, hospitals), BioView and HIH, identified the Tokyo Medical University Hospital as a key opinion leader hospital in the field of Oncology leading to both first installation and nomination of distribution partner for the Japanese market.
itamar Itamar Medical produces innovative diagnostic devices based on proprietary technology to diagnose disorders associated with cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems. HIH assited Itamar Medical in cmpleting the regulatory process in Japan and receiving the approval for their EndoPAT product – for the early detection of cardiovascular disease. HIH assisted in basing the relationship with its research market distributor and in finding additional partners to broaden Itamar Medical's activity in Japan.

Procognia is an innovative biotechnology company expert in glycobiology and specifically in glycoanalysis. The company specializes in glycan-based technologies for pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications and committed to development of highly efficacious and safe biopharmaceuticals as well as improved cancer diagnostic tools.

Following a comprehensive market research and prioritization of players, HIH assisted Procognia in establishing a marketing and distribution agreement with CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation (CTCLS), a subsidiary of Itochu Techno Solution, a leading Japanese solution provider for life science industry, focused on biotechnology and pharmaceutical.



IceCure is a medical device company (TASE: ICCM) focused on developing and marketing minimally invasive, office-based cryoablation treatment solutions for women's tumors. The proprietary IceSense3 Cryoablation System offers a comfortable, ultrasoundguided procedure to treat breast tumors.

HIH assisted IceCure in establishing the relationship with Dr. Eisuke Fukuma, Director of Breast Center, Kameda Medical Center in Japan. Dr. Fukuma is a top  key opinion leader in the field of breast cancer treatment and Cryotherapy worldwide. This led to an enrollment of a clinical trial of 30 early stage, small breast cancer patients at Kameda Medical Center.

IT and Communication

ClassifEye Classifeye is developing secure fingerprint authentication technology using existing cell-phone cameras.
Following HIH’s introduction, Classifeye signed a distribution agreement with Aplix Solutions which includes representation, technical support and integration with the leading Japanese handset vendors and carriers. Classifeye also signed a LOI with Hitachi for providing joint server ID management solutions to carriers in Japan.
besttv BestTV is provider of online video middleware solutions and rich-media applications.
Signed an agreement with Invensys which acts as an agent and distributor in Japan. Invensys also invested in BestTV.
storwize Storwize (acquired by IBM) is a provider of a unique real time storage compression solution.
Following a comprehensive market research and prioritization of players, HIH and Storwize identified Tokyo Electron Devices as a leading master distributor. At the end of successful evaluation and negotiation process, the two parties signed a binding distribution agreement. HIH provided TED with Japanese vendors and VARS (i.e. Fujitsu, CTC). In addition, TED had invested in the company. 
The high value proposition of Storwize was recognized and lead to its acquisition by IBM Corporation, announced on August 30th 2010. The Storwize company is part of IBM Systems and Software Group.
logo_explay Explay is a developer of ultra-compact pico projector engine for portable device. Following the liquidation of the company in Oct. 2009, HIH lead the acquisition of the company's assets together with MIC (Mobile Internet Capital Inc.) as a leading investor and ADM Inc. (Subsidiary company of KAga Electronics Group) as an investor and master distributor.
HIH also lead the establishment of a new entity under the name XDM that serves as a fully owned R&D center to a mother company based in JApan called Explay Japan. Aquisition completed in Jan. 12th 2010. In the course of its activities, HIH was responsible for the due diligenc, negotiations with partners, lead the investors, close and post acquisition establishment of XDM. Mr. Eran Harel of HIH acts as active Chairman of XDM in Israel and a board member of Explay Japan.


asocs ASOCS is a fabless semiconductor company, developing, a Malleable Baseband chip targeting multi-protocol, multi-technology convergence handsets.
Signed an agreement with Fujitsu Ltd. that includes distribution, co-development, foundry services and investment. HIH is also a shareholder in the company.
HIH also brought the company additional funds from FGC of Japan.
Altair logo Altair Semiconductors is developing mobile WiMAX silicon solutions optimized for handsets and handheld devices.
Following a comprehensive market research and prioritization of players, HIH and Altair began technical evaluation and agreement discussions with Willcom Inc. Japan’s selected carrier for the 4th generation wireless services.  Altair obtained a multi million NRE deal for the design, development and sales of Willcom’s XG-PHS Baseband chip.
amimon Amimon is a fabless semiconductor company pioneering wireless uncompressed high-definition video for universal connectivity among CE video devices. Its uncompressed Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI™) allows flat-panel televisions and multimedia projectors to wirelessly interface to all HDTV video sources at a quality equivalent to that achieved with wired interfaces such as component video, DVI and HDMI™ With HIH’s lead, Japanese investor NTT Finance participated in Amimon’s Series C financing round in October 2008 .


aromor Aromor is active in the production of natural, natural identical and synthetic raw materials for the flavor and fragrances industries.
HIH had established a virtual Aromor Japan and maintained key customers, while reorganizing the market to East Japan and West Japan distributors. Resulting in significant growth of the company's sales.
Machteshim Agan logo Makhteshim Agan's primary focus is on the manufacture and distribution of branded off-patent crop protection products.
HIH had consulted MA on penetrating the Japanese market and reorganizing its Japanese operation.


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