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Our Services

Harel-Hertz provides its clients with advisory services at the highest level, we believe no other firm can match.

Our client relationships are built on trust and discretion.

We are deeply established in the Israel-Japan Business Corridor, with meaningful local relationships and insight, we have decades of expertise, and proven successes.

Consulting Services
We provide consulting services to Israeli and Japanese companies alike:

When companies aim for cross-border entries. Many uncertain, unknown and unforeseen problems are to be tackled and solved.
Harel–Hertz with 25 years of proven experience, and with hundreds of cases handled has all the capacities to advice companies from both countries.

Often these services are provided in advance of a transaction when a client is considering their strategic options for optimizing the value of their business or following a transaction where clients have found the advice provided during the transaction process to be particularly valuable in developing their business and wish to maintain the relationship.

The success of this partnership with clients is demonstrated by our strong track record of repeat business over many years.

Consulting Services

Scouting and Market Research


Harel-Hertz has achieved a prime position in providing technology and industry scouting service and market reports.

The unique yet complicated eco-system of the Israeli High technology industry demand vast experience, intimate networking, and professional know-how.

We collect information from the Industry, Academia, incubators & accelerators, from entrepreneurs and investors. We investigate the company’s position and its competitors.

It all concludes in granting our customers genuine and factual information which is the most important tool for decision-making process towards investments, strategic collaborations and market entries.

Scouting and market research

Private Capital Advisory

Harel-Hertz is a leader in raising capital, executing secondary transactions, and providing capital solutions for the Startup community, in all phases.  Members of our team have been involved in dozens of capital raising assignments.


Our company has built one of the broadest networks of strategic and financial investors, covering the dynamic changes in the High-Tech industry.

From decision support at origination to deal closing and beyond, Harel-Hertz supports its clients throughout every facet of the transaction. 

Combining market data with fundamental financial competencies, we support critical decision making with essential advice and information. We provide our clients with the information they need to make informed business decisions

Private Capital Advisory

Business Development
 Companies today need to have a proactive approach to growth, marketing, and business development. Without it, they risk falling behind — and quickly. 

The experienced growth and marketing consulting team at Harel-Hertz is comprised of skilled, experienced development directors in Israel and Japan. This means they have the expertise and hands-on practical experience to help you achieve your most significant growth goals. 

Our strategic marketing planning services include:
Market research, surveys, and feasibility studies
We generate customized market development strategies for clients following an in-depth analysis of all key variables associated with successful market entry and market building strategies, including:

•    Market Size and Segments
•    Target Customers
•    Competitive Landscape
•    Legal and Regulatory
•    Mode of Entry
•    Barriers to Entry
•    Distribution and Marketing

We formulate and implement the best possible strategies for market entry or market building scenarios


Partnership Development Phase I
•    Research and analyze the most advantageous partners

Partnership Development Phase II
•    Contact, screen and rank partners
•    Submit qualified candidates to client

Partnership Development Phase III
•    Develop short-list of partners
•    Formulate customized actions plans
•    Structure and implement deal strategies
•    Assist with negotiations, due diligence, agreement reviews and finalizing deals

Partnership Development Phase IV
•    Post-deal performance monitoring
•    Assist with conflict resolution
•    Upgrading partnership relations

Business Development
Mergers & Acquisitions​

Mergers & Acquisitions​

The startup community is an exit driven one. As a leading consulting firm, we provide services – mainly on the sale side – to the young Israeli ventures seeking global partnerships.

At Harel-Hertz we evaluate the readiness of your company for a sale or other transaction by measuring four components of your business.

  • Governance

  • Financial

  • Market & Industry

  • Customers

We offer general strategic, tactical, structural and transaction-specific advice regarding domestic and cross-border mergers, acquisitions, takeover and proxy defenses, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

 Our approach involves building long-term, value-adding relationships with management teams, boards of directors, special committees, business owners, governments, institutions, investors and other stakeholders – ensuring our ideas are grounded by a comprehensive perspective on your business.

We run a disciplined process, leveraging our industry knowledge, relationships and deal expertise in order to drive greater value and achieve a successful outcome.

Our Partners

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Our Partners
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