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Success Stories

Life Science Success Stories



Medi-Tate is an Israeli medical device company. Olympus made its initial investment in Medi-Tate in November 2018, under an agreement that included the rights to distribute Medi-Tate products and gave Olympus an option to acquire 100% of the Israeli company at a later date. Medi-Tate is a medical device manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production, and sale of devices for the minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (“BPH”). The company’s flagship product “iTind” has received a European CE mark and is FDA cleared for use in the U.S.

Olympus Corporation announced on Friday February 26th 2021 that it was exercising its options on the remaining shares of Israeli medical device company Medi-Tate Ltd. in a $300 million cash deal.


Meditate was first introduced to Olympus in July 2017 by Harel-Hertz, functioning as Olympus Technology Scouting  Consultants in Israel


HIH consulted Accellta and Hitachi Chemical in establishing an IP licensing agreement and managed the process until completion.

Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells functional materials, and advanced components and systems in Japan and internationally.  


Accellta develops culture media and culture methods for stem cells production offering a range of innovative proprietary technology designed to offer high-quality affordable stem cell culturing solutions. Accellta's technologies are the result of over 15 years of pioneering research and development at the Stem Cell Center in the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine.

Magenta Medical

 HIH advised Magenta in its Round B fundraising by introducing it to potential Japanese investors.

JAFCO VC took part in the round and invested $3M into the Israeli medical device startup.

JAFCO Co. Ltd. is the oldest, most distinguished VC in Japan that operates as a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in direct and fund of fund investments. Within direct investments, it invests in incubation, startup, early stage, middle stage, late stage, buyout, business succession, and spin-out related investments.

Magenta Medical has developed a temporary venous catheter-based therapy for hospital-admitted patients with acutely decompensated heart failure. Its therapeutic principle is aimed at addressing renal venous congestion and its deleterious effects on renal and cardiac function


 HIH consulted Century Medical Inc. (CMI) and Brainsway in establishing a marketing and distribution agreement and managed the process until completion.

The company is, now, completing the regulatory process.

Century Medical Inc. (CMI) is a partner of HIH and a leading Japanese company from the ITOCHU Group, specializing in the import and distribution of medical devices and equipment in Japan. CMI has been a pioneering force successfully introducing many new technologies to the Japanese healthcare community.

Brainsway Ltd. is dedicated to the development and marketing of Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) systems, novel, a noninvasive medical device for treatment of a wide range of neurological and psychopathological disorders.


HIH assisted Century Medical Inc. (CMI) and HeadSense Medical in establishing a marketing and distribution agreement and managed the process until completion.

HeadSense Medical Ltd. is developing disruptive products that will allow physicians and patients to diagnose and monitor clinical parameters in an easier and cost-effective way. HeadSense’s first product the HS-1000 is a non-invasive ICP monitor offering accurate and continuous ICP monitoring.

Itamar Medical

HIH assisted Itamar Medical in completing the regulatory process in Japan and receiving the approval for their EndoPAT product – for the early detection of cardiovascular disease. HIH assisted in basing the relationship with its research market distributor- Nihon Kohden Corporation-  and in finding additional partners to broaden Itamar Medical's activity in Japan.

Itamar Medical produces innovative diagnostic devices based on proprietary technology to diagnose disorders associated with cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems.


HIH assisted IceCure in establishing the relationship with Dr. Eisuke Fukuma, Director of Breast Center, Kameda Medical Center in Japan. Dr. Fukuma is a top key opinion leader in the field of breast cancer treatment and Cryotherapy worldwide. This led to an enrollment of a clinical trial of 30 early stage, small breast cancer patients at Kameda Medical Center.

IceCure is a medical device company (TASE: ICCM) focused on developing and marketing minimally invasive, office-based cryoablation treatment solutions for women's tumors. The proprietary IceSense3 Cryoablation System offers a comfortable, ultrasound-guided procedure to treat breast tumors.


Following a comprehensive market research and prioritization of players, HIH consulted Procognia in establishing a marketing and distribution agreement with CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation (CTCLS), a subsidiary of Itochu Techno Solution, a leading Japanese solution provider for life science industry, focused on biotechnology and pharmaceutical.

Procognia is an innovative biotechnology company expert in glycobiology and specifically in glycolanalysis. The company specializes in glycan-based technologies for pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications and committed to the development of highly efficacious and safe biopharmaceuticals as well as improved cancer diagnostic tools.

Life Science
IT and Communication
General BD Projects

IT and Communication Success Stories



TechSee provides an Omni-Channel visual customer engagement platform.
It provides a visual platform for contact call centers enabling online/offline customer support for digital channels (App, Chat, Social Media).
TechSee world-leading visual customer support is based on an AI-powered Visual Technical Assistant (Self Care SDK). It includes augmented reality, deep learning AI and computer vision patents.
HIH evaluated potential partners in Japan and introduced TechSee to the Terilogy Group. 
Terilogy is a public company founded in 1989. It has a wide technological background from appliances to application and services, focusing on network management and security.
With a broad network and key customers in major industries, Terilogy and TechSee will address the growing needs, in the Japanese market, for state-of-the-art live visual customer engagement and visual technical assistant solutions.



Agora is a platform for issuing and trading commercial real estate properties. Agora connects asset owners and real estate companies looking to liquidate part of their holdings with investors looking for quality investments.


Asset owners can issue a fraction of their assets to the public, and investors will gain access to institutional-grade real estate offerings in an easy, low-cost, liquid manner.


Is a social payment solution that enables banks to provide their users with peer-to-peer payment options through any social or messaging platform.

Following HIH meaningful introductions to Japanese strategic & financial investors, the startup accelerator and VC, Legend Partners, has invested in the company. Legend Partners will be able to assist Paykey in further expansion to the Japanese market via its wide network of connections within the financial industry.


Offers a preemptive incident-response platform designed to help security teams cut incident response time to minutes, remediate attacks surgically without impacting business continuity, and bolster their defenses against future attacks.

HIH initialed and accommodated the Marubeni IT-Solutions evaluation and engagement with SECDO. Marubeni was interested in innovative endpoint security solutions to offer to its’ Japanese clients and found SECDO as the perfect match to fulfill this demand.

At the end of a successful negotiation process, Marubeni signed a- distribution agreement with SECDO.

Option samurai

Is a SaaS platform dedicated to option trading professionals. It executes backtesting algorithms on big-data infrastructures to spot market anomalies and market opportunities in real time.

HIH assisted Samurai in allocating and introducing an early-stage strategic Japanese investor for the company’s seed capital raising. This was the first investment of the Japanese micro-fund into an Israeli startup.

Votiro secured

a global leader in Secure Sanitization Gateways solutions, protects organizations against zero-day exploits and other ongoing cyber threats.

By introducing Votiro and leading discussions with several IT distributors, HIH assisted Votiro to penetrate the Japanese. As a result, Asgent has signed a distribution deal with Votiro and thereafter Votiro became the pioneer of content and email cyber security solutions in the Japanese market, generating annual revenues of $4M.

Asgent is also the distributor of Check Point, illusive Networks, and other leading Israeli cybersecurity solution.


Develops a smart AI-based technology that creates unique, high-quality content from scratch to assist human writers save time on various projects.

As a result of successful targeting an introduction by HIH, a Japanese public company together with a Japanese financial investor have joined Articoolo's CLA capital raising.


The investment marks the Japanese company first ever activity of that kind in Israel and is a strategic one since the goal is the promotion of Articoolo's product in the Japanese market.


is a fabless semiconductor company, developing, a Malleable Baseband chip targeting multi-protocol, multi-technology convergence handsets.
Signed an agreement with Fujitsu Ltd. that includes distribution, co-development, foundry services and investment. HIH is also a shareholder in the company.
HIH also brought the company additional funds from FGC of Japan.


(acquired by IBM) is a provider of a unique real time storage compression solution.
Following a comprehensive market research and prioritization of players, HIH and Storwize identified Tokyo Electron Devices as a leading master distributor. At the end of successful evaluation and negotiation process, the two parties signed a binding distribution agreement. HIH provided TED with Japanese vendors and VARS (i.e. Fujitsu, CTC). In addition, TEDhad invested in the company. 
The high value proposition of Storwize was recognized and lead to its acquisition by IBM Corporation, announced on August 30th 2010. The Storwize company is part of IBM Systems and Software Group.

General Business Development Projects


Remunera is a pioneer in the field of end to end digital solutions for employee meals that is being delivered by others mostly in a form of paper vouchers or pre-paid cards programs. Remunera’s mission is to improve corporates ability to manage and deploy their meal’s incentive plans for employees and to maximize tax benefits where it is applicable.

Harel-Hertz together with Pinnacle Inc engineered a full partnership with Jorudan Co Ltd and the establishment of Remunera Jorudan Japan K.K. (March 2014)

Remunera-Jorudan offer various digital methods of payments in restaurants using magnetic/smart cards or mobile phones, while providing a huge value to corporations and restaurants by simplifying and improving upon the current paper voucher system now being used in Japan.


Amdocs is a leading software & services provider to the world’s most successful communications and media companies.

Listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol DOX, Amdocs went public in 1998

Harel-Hertz consulted Amdocs in building its entry strategy in the challenging Japanese Communication marker.

Making a thorough Market Research, analyzing the various market entry options and examining the various strategies. HIH assisted Amdocs management in reaching the right policy.

Amdocs built its new office in Japan and succeeded in structuring new important domestic partnerships.


is active in the production of natural, natural identical and synthetic raw materials for the flavor and fragrances industries.
HIH had established a virtual Aromor Japan and maintained key customers, while reorganizing the market to East Japan and West Japan distributors. Resulting in significant growth of the company's sales.


Agan's primary focus is on the manufacture and distribution of branded off-patent crop protection products.
HIH had consulted MA on penetrating the Japanese market and reorganizing its Japanese operation.

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