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Ultra-Small Projector by ADM

Nikkei Industry, May 11, 2010 – ADM, a subsidiary of Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed an ultra-small projector.

This ultra-small projector can be used as a module to display images directly from digital cameras and mobile phones. Unlike   LED technology it uses laser as the light source resulting in conservation of electric power/miniaturization. Until July 2010 they will start shipments and by the end of the year they plan to start mass production.

The module is configured by laser, control circuit, lens etc. When combined with mobile devices it is possible to display presentations and data downloaded from mobile phone and images pictured by digital camera in the meeting room, this without any changes or corrections is needed.

The projector applies new technology dubbed "pico-projector" which uses laser as the light source. This technology became practical due to the reduction of the cost of laser diode which radiates blue color needed to project color images.  Different  from   LED products that use  a light source and therefore require a cooling process to contain the heat generated,  this process is unnecessary with this new technology and  the electricity consumption is only 1.8 watt,  about half of LED consumption.

Due to high direct light release from the lens, the distance and size needed for focus adjustment of the projected object is irrelevant. It is capable to project 20cm.-2m of 800 x 480 pixels, high definition image on 7-70 inch screen/white board/wall.

The sample module volume is less than 7cc and the thickness is less than 7mm and it will cost ~$100 (9200 yen). The company’s goal is to develop pico- projectors with volume of less than 3cc and a light source of less than 1 watt already during 2011, thus reducing the cost to ~$30-40 during the next 3 years.

XDM acquired the technology and intellectual properties from Explay, an Israeli developer of ultra-small projector and promoted the development of this product. A domestic electronic components company is responsible for the production.

Explay Japan, as a joint venture of XDM and Mobile Internet Capital, will be the supplier of the product worldwide. The company aims to obtain sales of 2 billion yen after 1 year of mass production and in 2013 to reach sales of 10 billion yen.

Last autumn, the Ultra-small projector market, adapted for mobile devices  has already seen Nikon launch a built- in device which uses LED as light source in Digital camera. Last month NTT DoCoMo started sales of the device as optional addition to one of its mobile phones and this market is expected to grow rapidly in the near future.

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