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Votiro partners Asgent to provide Japanese companies with cyber security solutions

Zafirah Salim | Jan. 28, 2015 



Harel-Hertz is Votiro's consultant for the Japanese market


Israel-based cyber security solutions provider, Votiro, announced today that it has signed a distribution deal with Asgent to provide its cyber security solutions to the Japanese market.

Under this agreement, the security solutions vendor will distribute Votiro products in Japan, provide customer support and installation, as well as represent the product in marketing activities and at relevant industry events.

In a joint media statement, Italy Glick, CEO of Votiro, said that Japan is one of the most highly-attacked countries in the world in terms of cyber attacks. As such, he sees great potential in Japan for Votiro's solutions that can help in countering cyber attacks, especially advanced persistent threats that use zero-day and unknown exploits.

Takahiro Sugimoto, President and CEO of Asgent, added that organisations across Japan have realised the importance of defending against cyber threats over the past few years.

"The (Japanese) market is ripe for established solutions such as Votiro's that can really address their needs," he said. "We believe that the partnership between Asgent and Votiro will really propel the Japanese market forward in terms of cyber security, allowing organisations to protect their critical IT infrastructure and sensitive data."

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