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OGIS-RI and Harel-Hertz Investment House formed a business partnership


OGIS-RI and an Israeli based company Harel-Hertz Investment House, have formed a business partnership. 


Israeli Advanced IT Products. Development of Technology 

OGIS-Research Institute (headquarters: Osaka, Nishi-ku, President and Representative Director:  Hikaru Hirayama) has formed business ties with an Israeli consulting company Harel-Hertz Investment House Ltd. (description below) in order to obtain IT products which were developed in Israel and therefore expand Japan's technological abilities in the field.

There are many R&D centers in Israel, including these of Microsoft and Google. In addition, there are many advanced IT companies in Israel and that is why it is called "The 2nd Silicon Valley".

Recently, Apple, Facebook and other giants have drawn attention to Israel as they have made several venture acquisitions there. Founded in 1994, Harel-Hertz Investment House Ltd (HIH) is a Strategy and Business Development Consulting and Investment Banking Boutique. HIH is promoting business between Japan and Israel and consulting on business development and corporate strategy as well. HIH President was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese government as a token of his contribution to development of economic ties with Japan.

OGIS-RI Group has offices in foreign countries such as the US, and has been actively introducing foreign products such as system cooperation base Mule ESB and open source license management tool Palamida.

In cooperation with HIH OGIS-RI expects the expansion of the Cloud and Security centers, introduction of Israeli advance products and adoption of Israeli technology. 

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