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Mazda Deploys Storwize’s Real-time Data Compression Appliance


Reduces Volume of Data Used for CAD by Two-Thirds

Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED; Headquarters: Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, President: Toshiaki Sunagawa) announced today that Mazda Motor Corporation (Headquarters: Aki-gun, Hiroshima
Prefecture; Representative Director & President: Hisakazu Imaki) has reduced the volume of data used to design new cars (mainly in CAD) by two-thirds compared to the previous level, thus achieving a substantial reduction in storage investment costs, by means of deploying the STN-6500 from Storwize Inc. (Headquarters: San Jose, California, U.S.A.; CEO & Founder: Gal Naor).
In 1996, Mazda launched the Mazda Digital Innovation (MDI) project and since that time has digital information to promote end-to-end process innovation on a company-wide scale, ranging from product planning to preparations for production. For this project, the company managed all of the tens of thousands of parts that comprised a car using 3D digital data, which continued to increase annually in units of terabytes. In addition, even after a car model is phased out of production, such
data needs to be stored for ten years in order for Mazda to fulfill its product responsibility and provide product warranties. In the past, Mazda stored this data in three units of NetApp Inc.’s NetApp FAS940C/FAS3050C, but given the inevitability that the volume of data would continue to grow in the future the company began considering measures to keep expenditures on storage under control.
In December 2007, after six months of verification, Mazda deployed STN-6500 (a high-end model from Storwize’s real-time data compression appliance STN-6000 Series) for one of its NetApp
FAS3050C units. By June 2008, the company had compressed 10TB of its data, resulting in a 6.5TB reduction in data. The STN-6000 Series uses its unique compression/expansion technology to substantially reduce the volume of data stored in NAS (NetApp, EMC) and improve the performance of storage systems.

The results brought by deploying STN-6500 are:

- Data can be compressed by two-thirds compared to the original volume, providing up to 27 TB of data storage for each unit of NetApp FAS3050C, for a maximum total capacity of 81TB.
- One secondary benefit is that power consumption is reduced by some 17 kW compared to the data storage area for a similar volume of data.
Since the recent deployment of STN-6500 brought high cost reduction
effects, Mazda will implement a phased expansion of the scope of data to be compressed. The company plans to compress data equivalent to an entire unit of FAS3050C by March 2009.
TED will support Storwize’s products through its extensive structure and actively offer storage solutions that meet corporate needs in the future.

About Tokyo Electron Device Limited CN Business Section

Tokyo Electron Device is a technical trading firm with a “trading business” function for providing semiconductor products and business solutions as well as a “development business” function for
designing on an outsourcing basis and developing products under its own brand. The Computer Network (CN) Business Section handles a wide range of storage systems, network-related equipment, and middleware products and provides them as part of its business
solutions in the era of broadband communications. It has marketing functions in Japan and overseas to pick up on trends in the world’s advanced technologies ahead of others in order to offer products and services that cover processes that span everything from implementation to support.

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 About Storwize

Storwize is the market-leading provider of real-time lossless compression solutions for primary storage. Storwize enables companies to dramatically reduce the amount of space required for storing data resulting in significant savings of capital expenditures as well as save up to 95% on power, cooling, floor, space and storage management resources. By reducing organizations data footprint by
an average of 65% across multiple applications and up to 95% on critical business applications such as Oracle databases and VMware, Storwize extends the life of data centers. Storwize novel
technology makes it possible to compress data in-line at wire speed as it traverses between servers and primary storage with no additional latencies. By compressing at the point of origin, where data
is initially created, less data is written to storage, leading to significant reductions in storage systems’ CPU and disk utilization with a dramatic improvement of the effective cache size by as much as 20x.
Moreover, space reduction applies to all copies of primary storage in the Data Center without compromising performance, functionality or data integrity. Storwize solutions are agnostic to applications and workloads and work across multi vendor storage environments. They are easy to use by transparently integrating into existing environments without the need for server drivers or configuration changes. Headquartered in San Jose CA, Storwize partners with the leading storage and infrastructure software vendors such as NetApp, Oracle, VMware and EMC. Storwize solutions have been deployed by multiple tier one enterprises worldwide. Storwize is a member of the Green Grid

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