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The Israeli Minister of Science & Technlogy, Prof. Daniel Hershkovitz at the HIH IT&Communication Seminar, July 7th

HIH was honored to host at the IT & Communications first seminar, the Parlament member and Minister of Science & Technology, Prof. Daniel Hershkovitz.

During his greetings the Minister reffered to the close scientific relations between Isreal and Japan: 

 "One of the Israeli Ministry of Science & Technology main goals is to consequent bilateral scientific agreements with various countries.

Our last agreement was signed last year with Japan, this is a bilateral agreement, of science foundation , which targeted to support research of team from both countries.

The agreement with Japan, of which have already issued call for proposals, designed to focus mainly in life science and mainly in topics that both countries are accelerated – the topic of stamp-cell research. Today it is a very important topic, which seems to be very promising, and seems to be leading to breakthroughs in medicine and in cure for certain diseases that used to be considered incurable.

Israel is a leading power in the field of the study of stamp-cell. This is now the topic that is on the table for both countries, and I know that many commercial companies are interested in that research, and we already have certain proposals.


The potential for scientific cooperation between Israel & Japan, seems to be so high, so it is more than likely that we are going to expand and to add disciplines and topics or areas of research between the two countries. This is very important development in the scientific relations between Israel and Japan. "

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